UnixSpace Terminal 2.1.2

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    Author: Alexander
  • License: Shareware $39
  • OS: WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
  • Publisher: SofteX Plus Inc.
  • Homepage: http://www.unixspace.com

UnixSpace Terminal 2.1.2 Description

" UnixSpace terminal-it' s a telnet / SSH client for Windows "

Edit By 9com.info Editor: UnixSpace Terminal - UnixSpace terminal-it' s a graphical telnet / SSH client for Windows. Protocols: telnet, SSH1, SSH2 and rlogin. The program consist of two parts: UnixSpace terminal and SSH Proxy Server. The SSH proxy can be used independently. The terminal is capable of emulating Linux and FreeBSD console, VT220, ANSI, and its own UnixSpace terminal. In the last instance the terminal has 256 colors, 4 fonts with 4 modes ( bold | italic ), and is able to display various graphical objects ( lines, rectangles, curves, etc ) as well as display gif and jpeg images. Besides terminal allows execution of Word, Excel, HTML, and other types of documents located on the Unix server.
UnixSpace terminal has 4 virtual consoles, each with individual configuration. In other words you could open 4 different telnet sessions and be able to switch between them. It' s practically a new type of a terminal device.

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