Quexal 1.8.2

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    Author: Stefano
  • License: Shareware $59
  • OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
  • Publisher: Tommesani.com
  • Homepage: http://www.tommesani.com

Quexal 1.8.2 Description

" Quexal is a development environment aimed at MMX / iSSE programmers "

EditBy9Editor: Quexal - MMX / SSE instructions can greatly enhance the performance of the following applications: multimedia ( audio / video ), communications, DSP kernels, 2D and 3D graphics, image processing and speech recognition.
But current compilers do not support these instructions.
Now there is a better way: Quexal, a development environment aimed at MMX / iSSE programmers.
Here is how Quexal will help you get the job done quickly and easily:
-flatten the learning curve! you can work with well understood concepts, such as variables and common operations, instead of registers and cryptic MMX / SSE opcodes;
-take it easy! its custom designed graphical interface guides you step by step, displaying only relevant options;
-work faster! the compiler optimizes source code into optimally scheduled MMX / SSE assembly code that can be directly pasted into any other development environment, thus taking the optimization phase, the most time-consuming and error prone one, out of the development cycle;
-save an upgrade! you can use MMX and iSSE instructions even if your compiler does not support them, as the bytecode compiler turns source instructions directly into machine language; Quexal supports the Microsoft Visual C + +, Borland C + + Builder and Borland Delphi compilers;
-bug killer! includes a visual Debugger that re-arranges source code in a graph showing dependency bonds among instructions; you can enter source values and analyze what the instructions defined in source code do, and therefore easily detect troublesome spots;
-become a code guru-instantly! the optimized code is as good as that written by world class programmers, but no knowledge of micro architectural designs is required;
-maintaining code? no problem! you can modify the source code in the Quexal environment and then optimize it again, instead of changing MMX / iSSE code listings.

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