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The NetIPComboBox. Net Component is a combobox control designed for IP Address input. The NetIPComboBox allows / restricts the end user when entering...
Tag:activex, ocx, april16, dayview, netconnect, timer, timers, news, vb, visual, basic, component, toolbox, free, download, product, timer, timers, millisecond, second, minute, hour, wait, nettimers, visual, studio, .net, dll, combo, combobox, ip, ip address, netipcombobox
0.03 MB
ZAP is a one click user profile mirroring software. ZAP allows you to migrate domain profiles, allows different Windows user accounts to share the...
Tag:User Profile Wizard, user profile, windows user profile, user profile migration, Windows domain migration, sharing user profiles, user profile mirror
0.75 MB
conaito VoIP SDK ActiveX for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages, such as voice chat, conference, VoIP, providing real-time low latency...
Tag:voip sdk, voice conference, text conference, voip conference, voip component, voip activex, voip lib, voip com, voip ocx, voip chat, voice conversation
4.84 MB
This chart implementation provides graphs of one or more functions as Swing components. The design was made to render large amounts of real-time data....
0.07 MB
Polar Draw Component is a complete draw solution that comes with an arsenal of powerful drawing features enabling you to build Visio-style charts from...
Tag:draw, drawing, draw component, .net draw, .net draw component, activex draw, activex draw component, image, imaging tool, chart, chart tool, chart draw, chart drawing, image draw, vector drawing, vectors, text editing, object, object modeling
25.63 MB

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The ShellBrowser. Net Edition give a programmer easy access to the Win32 shell functionality. The controls look and behave exactly like the...
Tag:Windows, .Net, controls, components, context, shell, ShellBrowser, IShellFolder, explorer, shell, JAM, software, shareware, menu, ItemIdList, Borland, ShellBrowser, pack
2.40 MB
Reliable batch-conversion of large numbers of graphics files is just one of the powerful features sported by 2TIFF. Its stability makes it the perfect...
Tag:digital, images, graphics, convert, converter, batch, thumbnail, image, images, viewer, file, format, into, to, gif, jpeg, tiff, bmp, pcx, eps, wmf, images, viewer, file, format, into, to, gif, jpeg, tiff, bmp, pcx, eps, wmf
5.01 MB
XLS to HTML conversion with the help of Net component Data Cell Excel. Net. It also allows to change cells data of XLS befor conversion and...
Tag:excel to html, convert excel to html, C#, component, export database to excel, excel, database
0.59 MB
FontListCombo is a font picker. NET control for developers, which allows to arrange and manage all installed fonts with ease. Provides different...
Tag:FontListCombo, .NET control, font picker, font viewer, actual font style, symbol picker, display, select, specific font, font selector, font combobox, Unicode fonts, True Type fonts
1.10 MB
Generates virtual printer driver to converts any printable documents to images ( TIFF, JPEG, TGA, BMP, PNG, PDF ) or web presentation, then save to...
Tag:SDK, Printer Driver, Image Driver, TIFF, CCITT, PDF, JPG, JPEG, TGA, BMP, TIF, Raster Printer Driver, Virtual Printer Driver, Publisher, Distiller, FTP, Upload
6.48 MB
WinFormWizard for. NET? 1.1 is a flexible and feature rich wizard framework. Its primary design goal is to provide re-use through inheritance. This..., c#,, component, control, dotnet, wizard, wizard97, wizard control, run time, design time, runtime, designtime, visual studio, integration, winformwizard
3.91 MB
Fully programmable word processing engine for deployment in an ASP. NET server environment. It primarily has been designed to develop document...
Tag:word processing, ANSI, bullets, CSS, DOC, DOCX, footers, free technical support, headers, HTML, hyperlinks, images, localized dialog boxes, localized toolbars, numbered lists, OLE objects, page view, PDF, royalty-free, RTF, Tables, Unicode, word processing components, XML, zoom, The Imaging Source
15.18 MB
GdImageBox Pro ActiveX is an Image Viewer which supports many image formats like tiff, multi-page tiff, gif, animated gif, jpeg, png, wmf, bmp, wbmp,...
Tag:Image Viewer Activex, Image Viewer Ocx, Image Activex, Image Ocx, Image Processing Activex, Image Processing Ocx, Tiff Viewer Activex, Tiff Viewer Ocx, Tiff Activex, Tiff Ocx
3.35 MB
SSSleuth saves your time and increases your productivity by providing quick access to relevant information available on your personal computer and the...
Tag:engine, engines, find, full, text, Kryloff, language, keyword, key, word, information, retrieval, search, searcher, searches, searching, summarize, summarizer, query, SSS, SSSleuth, API, C, C++, C#, Delphi, .NET, software, component, documents, search engine
3.86 MB
Delphi powerful component to create Flash animation like slideshow with different transition and transformation effects. Supports common and...
Tag:Delphi, Flash animation, slideshow, slide-show, transition effect, transformation, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, EMF, WMF, SWF, Flash animation
1.67 MB
Add Vista-style Task Dialog to. NET applications on any platform supported by the. NET Framework. The Task Dialog is a versatile alternative to the...
Tag:Task Dialog, TaskDialog, Vista, NET, .NET, dot NET, Framework, C#, Visual C#, VB, Visual Basic, VisualBasic, VisualBasic.NET, application, applications, platform, supported
1.18 MB
Get all data for CPU. Know how is memory used. Control priority of execution. Use high resolution timer. SQL network protocol or MySQL client. DbxMda...
Tag:win32 dll, memory monitor, cpu identification, priority control, high resolution timer
0.03 MB
NET library to write / read / modify spreadsheet documents ( XLS, XLSX, CSV, ODS ) from. NET programming languages Visual Basic. NET, C #, ASP. NET....
Tag:bytescout, xls, excel, read, write, modify, cell, row, worksheet, workbook, xlsx, ods, open office, calc, csv
2.48 MB
VaxVoIP SIP SDK provides tools and components to quickly add SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol ) based IP-Telephony make and receive phone calls...
Tag:sip sdk, sip user agent sdk, sip ocx, sip development, sip activex, sip ocx, sip dll, sip softphone
7.70 MB
Polar Crypto Component gives your Windows applications the functionality of unbreakable encryption. It enables you to build your own security systems...
Tag:encryption, unbreakable encryption, security, secure information, encryption component, dll encryption component, activex encryption component, full source code
25.63 MB
The Native Barcode Generator Plug-In creates barcodes in FileMaker without the installation of additional fonts or other components. Supported...
Tag:FileMaker Pro, filemaker barcode report, filemaker barcode plug in, barcode, mac barcode generator, filemaker barcode generator, barcode plugin
0.18 MB
A kit for embedded / PC biometric system development with third-party hardware. Includes 2 licenses for FingerCell library ( for PC and embedded...
Tag:fingerprint, recognition, identification, matching, verification, embedded, pc, windows, win32, demo, evaluation, biometric, security, scan, crime, ridge, authentication, recognition, access control, pattern recognition, criminalistics
2.76 MB
Additional module for Aurigma? s. NET imaging component Graphics Mill for. NET which extends its functionality with AVI file format support. It...
Tag:AVI, video, write, read, extract, soundtrack, audio track, transition effect, split frames, watermark, .NET, component, ASP.NET
12.54 MB
ZipForge is an advanced Delphi ZIP component, written completely in Delphi. ZipForge features include SFX archives support, AES encryption, Zip64,...
Tag:Zip component, ZIP Delphi, Delphi Zip, Delphi ZIP component, ZIP component
10.75 MB
SSH Shell component for. NET. compression library. Full C # source code is included. ormatting ( color, font, data types, etc. ). You can add multiple...
Tag:SSH, Shell, Secure Shell, Terminal emulation, c#,, component, library, .net
3.89 MB
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